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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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amongst them, the Committee

had been im-
pressed with the belief that the time for an
earnest commencement of the benevolent inten-
tions of the Yearly Meeting had arrived; they
had accordingly purchased for the use of those
Indians agricultural implements of various
kinds which were sent in packages to Pittsburg,
from whence they were to be immediately con-
veyed to Fort Wayne, and delivered as a present
from the Society of Friends of Baltimore Yearly
, to the Little Turtle, and other chiefs;
to be disposed of by them, to such of their peo-
ple as they knew were desirous of using them.
They also reported that they had had some cor-
respondence with William Wells, the Indian
agent at Fort Wayne, but had not yet heard of
the arrival of the agricultural implements at
their destination. William Wells had replied
to their enquiries on behalf of the Indians, and in-
formed them as his opinion, that the suppres-
sion of liquors in that country is the best thing
that has ever been done for the Indians, by the
United States; that within a year, not one In-
dian had been killed; whilst there had never
been a year before since the treaty of Gren-
in which there were less than ten
killed, and some years as many as thirty.

The report was signed on behalf of the Com-

, by Evan Thomas, Joel Wright, and
James Mendenhall.

To this report a postscript was added, that in