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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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Friends from moving forward, in extending to
the Western Indians the benefits some years
ago contemplated by the Yearly Meeting

, are
now removed, and considering the distant situa-
tion of many of our members from each other,
and the difficulty and even impracticability of ob-
taining a general meeting; we have been in-
duced to believe it right to submit the subject
to the consideration of the Meeting for Sufferings
for their cordial sympathy and advice, and if
they may believe it right, for their co-opera-
tion also. Signed by

Evan Thomas, Moses Dillon, John M'Kim, Jonathan Wright, David Brown, George Ellicott, Elias Ellicott, Joel Wright.

The Meeting for Sufferings

entered cordially
into sympathy with the members of the Indian
in their benevolent enterprise, and
they were encouraged to appoint a Committee to
procure agricultural, and other useful implements,
and have them conveyed in seasonable time to
Fort Wayne.

The Committee on Indian concerns

met again
in Baltimore the 10th of 10th month, 1803, and
drew up a report for Baltimore Yearly Meeting;
in which they related that in consequence of
information received from the Western Indians,
and the prohibition by the President of the
United States of the sale of spirituous liquors