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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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more Yearly Meeting

had it in contemplation to
visit. Their report presented the speeches of
the chiefs, the memorial of the Committee to
Congress, a copy of the law passed by Congress,
and an account of their interview with the Sec-
retary of War, with the information received
from him. The War department at this period
of the government of the United States had the
care of Indian affairs, and the Secretary informed
the Friends that, agreeably to the request of the
Indians, the government had established a tra-
ding house at Fort Wayne, that they were in
want of several persons of our Society; black-
smiths, carpenters, and superintendents, men
that could make and mend ploughs, looms, farm-
ing utensils, &c., and wished to employ such
as were of exemplary conduct, and concerned for
the promotion of the work in prospect; to such
the United States offered a liberal compensa-

At the next meeting which was held in Bal-

the 7th of 2d month, 1803, the Commit-
tee on Indian Concerns
agreed to make the
following application to the Meeting for Suffer-
of Baltimore Yearly Meeting:

We of the Committee on Indian affairs

pointed by Baltimore Yearly Meeting, impressed
with an idea of the importance of our appoint-
ment, and with a full persuasion, that the situa-
tion of our business requires speedy attention,
as the obstructions that have heretofore prevented