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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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War. The law passed by Congress, authorized
the President of the United States to take
such measures from time to time, as to him may
seem expedient, to prevent or restrain the vend-
ing or distributing of spirituous liquors, among
all or any of the Indian tribes.

On the subject of civilization the law states
that in order to promote civilization amongst
the friendly Indian tribes, and to secure the con-
tinuance of their friendship, it shall be lawful
for the President of the United States to cause
them to be furnished with useful domestic ani-
mals, and implements of husbandry, and with
goods or money as he shall judge proper, and to
appoint such persons from time to time, as tem-
porary agents to reside amongst the Indians, as
he shall think fit; provided that the whole
amount of such presents and allowance to such
agents shall not exceed fifteen thousand dollars
per annum.

The Committee

reported their progress to a
general meeting of the Committee on Indian
concerns, which was held in Baltimore, 13th of
10th month, 1802,* *During the session of Baltimore Yearly Meeting.
The general meeting of the Indian Committee, of
Baltimore Yearly Meeting, in consequence of the re-
mote residence of some of the members, met once a
year. and informed them of the
conferences which had been held with the Indian
chiefs; the chiefs of those nations whom Balti-