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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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which the Indians are supplied, by traders, and
frontier settlers, must counteract the effect of
every measure, however wise and salutary,
which can be devised to improve their situa-

The truth of this assertion is abundantly
confirmed by a speech made before us, by a

chief, the Little Turtle, (of which we
herewith transmit a copy for your consideration.)
and we also acknowledge our belief, that the
evil is of such magnitude, that unless it can be
altogether removed or greatly restrained, no
national hope of success in the proposed under-
taking can be entertained. We are therefore
induced to solicit the attention of the National
Legislature to this interesting and important
subject; a subject which we consider involves,
not only their future welfare, but even their very
existence as a people.

Signed on behalf of the Committee, by Evan Thomas, John M'Kim, Elias Ellicott, Joel Wright, John Brown, George Ellicott, David Brown. Baltimore, 1st month, 1802.

These Friends soon after repaired to the seat
of government, presented their memorial to
Congress, and were gratified by the passage of
the law, which they so much desired. Whilst
in Washington

they waited on the Secretary of