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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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municated from the head to the mouth of
the Wabash,-from this to the Mississippi, and
up that river until it strikes the lakes, thence
round by Michillimackanack

until they come
back again to the same place. What we say to
you does not come from one, but from many,
and what you have now said to us, you speak it to
but a few, but it shall be communicated to many.

Brothers and Friends, I observed to our
friends, the Quakers of Philadelphia

, five days
ago, what I say now to you, that we wish our
brothers, the Quakers, to render us those services
they have proposed. We promise that nothing
shall be wanting on our part to give aid to so
desirable a thing in our country. Our situation
at present will not admit of carrying such a
plan so fully into execution as we could desire,
but I hope you may not be prevented from ma-
king trial. If we had such tools as you make
use of, and which add so much to your comfort-
for we have been lost in wonder at what we have
seen among you,-if we had these instruments,
we should, I hope, be willing to use them.

From the great things, and astonishing
wonders, which we have seen among you, and
finding they all come out of the earth, it makes
me anxious to try if I cannot get some for my-

He then expressed his regret that the move-
ments of the Friends towards the Indians had