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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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We should have been pleased with the re-
ception of the original speech of the Wyandot

Chiefs and the belt of wampum they speak of,
with a copy of that from the Delawares and
Miamis, the latter being, we suppose, of the
Shawanese nation. Five of our number are ap-
pointed to attend at Sandusky at the time of
the great Indian Council, of which you will
please inform the Superintendent,* * The seat of Government of the United States had
not then been removed to the City of Washington.
The Superintendent resided in Philadelphia. and com-
municate such further information on the sub-
ject as you may conceive to be necessary. We
also suggest the propriety and usefulness of
your appointing a few Friends to unite in the
visit, since the prudent conducting of the mat-
ter may be of great importance.

As you are better acquainted than we are
with the mode of conducting business with the
Indians, if you think a belt of wampum will be
necessary on our part, you will please to pro-
cure one for us suitable for the purpose, to be
forwarded with the original speech and belt
received by you, and we will remit the amount
so soon as you advise us thereof.

Signed on behalf of the Indian Committee
of Baltimore, by JOEL WRIGHT, Clerk. BALTIMORE, Third month 24th, 1799.