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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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A reply was also written and forwarded to
the Indian Committee

of Philadelphia Yearly
Meeting in part as follows:

Dear Friends,-

The correspondence has,
on our part, been suspended till the account
should be received from the Western Indians,
which is now communicated by you; they pro-
bably conceiving that Friends, wherever situ-
ated, act as one body united. As the Friends

have had a correspondence with
them at times, from the first settlement of the
country, and as they, in their present address,
have alluded to former transactions, it seems
the more necessary for us to apply to you for
information on that head. We have been aware
of our own inability at present to do any great
matters, and have endeavored to guard against
raising their expectations. A speech was some
time ago communicated to some of the chiefs
of the Wyandot nation, at the Upper Sandusky,
with a view to inform them that we were de-
sirous of turning their minds to some of the
most simple arts of civil life; and we wished
to know of them whether it would be agreeable
to them to make such a movement. They in-
formed us that they would lay the subject be-
fore their council and return an answer. A
copy of the speech was left with them addressed
to the chiefs of the Wyandot, Shawanese and
Delaware nations, and of which we herewith
hand you a copy also.