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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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The deputation left their homes on the 7th of
5th mo. 1799, on horse-back and with pack
horses to carry a tent, provisions for the jour-
ney which would be necessary after leaving the
settlements of Friends of Ohio

, and useful pres-
ents to the Indians. It may be as well to men-
tion at this point, as the subject has not been al-
luded to before in this Appendix, that of all the
missions we have referred to as sent out by the
Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting,
the Friends engaged in them travelled on horse-
back, and experienced privations which in this
day of railroads and telegraphs cannot be appre-
ciated. Valuable gifts for their Red brethren,
their wives, and children, were never omitted on
these occasions.

At the next meeting of the Indian Commit-

, which was held in Baltimore, the 15th and
16th of 10th month, 1799, the Friends who had
been appointed to visit the Indians made their
report, viz: Pursuant to our appointment we
sat out on a visit to the Indians, the 7th of 5th
month last, and arrived the 3d of the next
month at Upper Sandusky, the principal village
of the Wyandots; we were met there by a
friendly reception from Tarhie, (the Crane,) the
head chief, and others of the nation who hap-
pened to be at the village.

On conferring with them they found that a
mistake in translating their language had led to
a misunderstanding respecting the time of hold-