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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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to Thomas Wistar

, Clerk of the Committee, who
had authority to call a meeting of their Sub-
Committee of fifteen Friends, on necessary

The committee remained two days in session
at Pipe Creek, deliberated on their benevolent
purposes, addressed a reply to their Friends,
John Parrish

and others, in Philadelphia,
through Thomas Wistar, and appointed John
, Jonathan Wright, Israel Janney, Moses
, and Joseph Bond, to pay a visit to the
Delawares, Shawanese, Wyandots, and other
nations northwest of the river Ohio, or to such
parts of them as they shall find freedom; appro-
bation of the government being first obtained.
They also addressed a letter to the Indians to
whom they were about to send a mission, in
which they informed them that the Quakers,
at their general religious council in Philadel-
, having agreed to take some of the Six
, who live in the North, by the hand,
our religious council held last fall in Baltimore
were also concerned for your welfare who reside
in the West.

They have told us to endeavor to speak
with you and get acquainted with your nations.
For this purpose we have sent our beloved bro-
thers, John Brown

, Israel Janney, Jonathan
, Moses Dillon, and Joseph Bond, to
shake hands with you in your tent, and to ask
if you wish to be instructed how to raise corn