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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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desire, by one of the committee, that every mem-
ber of the Society of Friends would be willing
to give sanction to the benevolent experiment
recommended by the Yearly Meeting

; a senti-
ment which was united with by all present.
These good resolutions were much strengthened
and encouraged by a letter they then opened
and read, from the Indian Committee of Philadel-
, dated Third month 24th, 1796* * Rebecca Jones, in a letter to a son of Catherine
, of England, dated in the autumn of 1795,
mentions the appointment of the Philadelphia Com-
mittee for Indian Affairs
. which
set forth that they had addressed their Quar-
terly and Monthly Meetings, and, also, Particular
Meetings, on the sufferings of Indians, and
had sent them, with the minutes from Philadel-
Yearly Meetings extracts from divers
speeches and letters from Indian Chiefs; all
tending to spread useful information, and draw
the attention of our members to the situation
of these distressed people; some of them had
also visited the President of the United States,
George Washington, (at the time in Philadel-
,) and acquainted him with the views of our
religious Society, on behalf of the Indians. They
had, also, conferred with the Secretary of State,
who had manifested a desire to co-operate with
the Friends, in promoting the interests of the In-
dians. They had addressed a circular letter to