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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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expressive of the unity of the Friends of those
meetings in his visit to these parts.

Deborah Darby

and Rebecca Young also
produced certificates to the Yearly Meeting at
the same time, both from the Monthly Meet-
ing held at Coalbrookdale, in Shropshire, En-
, dated the 20th of Third month, 1793,
endorsed by the Yearly Meeting for Wales, held
at HCarmarthan, the 25th of Fourth month, 1793.
Also certificates from the Yearly Meeting of
Ministers and Elders, held in
London, the 18th,
20th, 23d and 29th of Fifth month, 1793.
The company and labors of love of these
Friends from Great Britain, are acknowledged
to have been satisfactory to Baltimore Yearly
.* * The records of Baltimore Yearly Meeting for 1796,
contain minutes, almost precisely similar to those
given above, of the appointment of the Indian Com-
, and the presence of the Friends from Great
at the time. They were partakers with them in
their exercises for the advancement of truth
and righteousness, and sympathized in all their

The first important meeting of the Indian

was held at Pipe creek, (where the
Meeting for Sufferings of Baltimore Yearly Meet-
then frequently convened,) the 22d of the
Fifth month, 1796; ten members being present.
The meeting was opened by the expression of a