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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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freedom to subscribe, are desired to put their
contributions into the hands of the following
Friends, who are appointed to receive and
apply the same, in such manner as will best
answer the benevolent designs of this meeting,
carefully guarding against giving offence to gov-
ernment, viz:-

John Wilson, Joseph Bond John M'Kim, Joseph Beeson, Bianson John Branen, Brown John Butcher, Evan Thomas, Benjamin Walker, Allan Farquhar, Israel Janney, John Love, David Branen, Brown Caleb Kirk, Gouldsmith Chandlee, Jonathan Wright, of Moses Dillon, Monallen, Elias Ellicott, Thomas Matthews, Nathan Heald, David Greane. Greaves

The Friends above named composed the first
Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting

for In-
dian Affairs, and their appointment was wit
nessed by John Wigam, a minister from North
Britain, who attended with a certificate from
Aberdeen Monthly Meeting, dated 17th of
Fourth month, 1794, and endorsed by the Half-
year's Meeting, held at Edinburgh, 28th of
same month; and, also, a certificate from the
Yearly Meeting of Ministers and Elders, held in
London, dated 17th of Fifth month, 1794, all