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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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said, that our prospects are bad at present,
though we hope the Great Spirit will change the
minds of our people, and tell them it will be
better for them to cultivate the earth than to
drink whiskey.

Brothers, we hope the Great Spirit will per-
mit some of you to come and see us,- when you
will be able to know whether you can do any-
thing for us or not.

Brothers, we delivered you the sentiments of
our hearts, when we spoke to you at Baltimore,

* *See Appendix.
and shall say nothing more to you at present.
We now take you by the hand, and thank you
for the articles you were so kind to send us.

THE LITTLE TURTLE, Miami Chief. THE FIVE MEDALS, Potowatamy Chief.

This letter having claimed the solid consider-
ation of the Committee on Indian Affairs

, at a
meeting held in the city of Baltimore, the 6th
of 2d month, 1804, the following conclusion
and minute was, at that time, the result of their

The subject of a visit to the Indians, agreea-
bly to the desire they express in the foregoing
letter, being solidly considered, the Committee
are united in judgment, that visit to them at
this time would be the most likely means of ob-