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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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taining a knowledge of the disposition they are
in, and enable Friends to ascertain what would
be the best course to pursue to be useful to them.
The following Friends are therefore nominated
to that service, and requested to proceed in the
visit as soon as convenient, to wit: George

Gerard T. Hopkins, Joel Wright, and
Elisha Tyson.

They are also authorized to take one or more
suitable persons with them to reside amongst the
Indians, to instruct them in agriculture and
other useful knowledge, if there should appear
to be a prospect of such an establishment being
beneficial to them.

My name having been entered upon the minute,
and thus placed upon this very interesting appoint-
ment, was to me a subject of much thoughtful-
ness and exercise; and believing finally that the
peace of my own mind was concerned in a pas-
sive submission to the judgment of my friends,
I accordingly made provision for the journey,
and on the 23d of the 2d month, 1804, left my
home; first witnessing those sensations due to
human nature, in an affectionate farewell to my
family connexions and friends; rode to Ellicott's

, and joined my friend, George Ellicott,
from whence we proceeded on our journey; taking
with us Philip Denis, a member of our So-
ciety, who has concluded to accompany us, for
the purpose of residing with the Indians, in order
to instruct them in agriculture; reached Brooke-