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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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The Little Turtle's Town, Sept. 18th, 1803.
From the Little Turtle, The Five Medals, and
others, to Evan Thomas, George Ellicott, and
Brothers and Friends of our hearts,

have received you speech from the hand of our
friend, Wm. Wells

, with the implements of
husbandry, that you were so kind to send to his
care,-all in good order.

Brothers, it is our wish that the Great Spirit
will enable you to render to your Red Brethren
that service which you appear to be so desirous
of doing them, and which their women and
children are so much in need of.

Brothers, we will try to use the articles you
have sent us, and if we should want more, we
will let you know it.

Brothers, we are sorry to say that the minds
of our people are not so much inclined towards
the cultivation of the earth as we could wish

Brothers, our Father, the President of the
United States, has prevented our traders from
selling liquor to our people, which is the best
thing he could do for his Red Children.

Brothers, our people appear dissatisfied, be-
cause our traders do not, as usual, bring them
liquor, and, we believe, will request our Father
to let the traders bring them liquor, and if he
does, your Red Brethren are all lost forever.

Brothers, you will see, from what we have