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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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which had been received in reply enclosing a commu
nication signed by 8 Indians of the Waupaukannetta

Village, stating the distressed condition to which they
had been reduced by the late war and requesting
assistance from friends towards reestablishing them
selves at their Village

The committee taking into consideration
the present situation of these people as describes
by their chiefs and John Johnson

and feeling
much sympathy for them, were, after solid deli
beration united in judgment that previous to
any further measures it will be best to appoint
a committee to wait on the Government and
explain our views, and ascertain if they have
any objection to our renewing our exertions towards
promoting their civilization, George Ellicott, Gerard T
& Philip E. Thomas were accordingly app
ointed to that service, and in order that they
may be suitably introduced to the secretary of
War Gerard T. Hopkins, James Ellicott & his Secretary
were appointed to prepare a communication
stating their appointment and explaining our
views &produce it to next meeting of the committee
Then adjourned until the 4th hour on second
day afternoon when the committee again met
present 14 members

The committee appointed at last
Meeting produced a communication directed