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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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James Ellicott

Gerard T. Hopkins &Elias Ellicott
were appointed to examine &adjust the acct.
of the expenses incured by John Shaw & Isaac
and report to the next meeting of
the Committee

Then adjourned to the 6th Hour in the evening
of the 25th Inst.

when the committee again met
present 12 Members

The general state of the concern refused to
us coming under solid consideration, after some time
spent in deliberation thereon, it was concluded
to adjourn until tomorrow evening at the 6th Hour
when the committee again met present 11 Members
the Little Turtle

& Rusheville chiefs of the Miamy nation
of Indians, the Beaver & Crow, Chiefs of the Delawares &
Marpuck a chief of the Puttowattomies

The committee addressed these chiefs in the following
Speech, through one of its members

I feel a degree of thankfulness in my
heart to the Great Spirit that my life has been
lengthened out, to have an opportunity this evening
of taking you by the hand, & particularly the Little

, whom I remember some years ago, siting
in council with. I think I may say I have felt a
portion of that love which then operated upon
my heart attended by a strong desire for the welfare
of you my red brethren: The conference which
we then had, has been strongly impressed upon my
mind; I have often remembered our communications,
and particularly the solitude expressed by them, at