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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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was carefully secured before they came away, they
also raised some Hemp, Tobacco, Potatoes, Turnips &a
variety of Garden Vegetables. The corn was not dis
tributed amongst the Indians this fall, on acct.
of many of them being absent, on Hunting expi
ditions, & their believing it would be more
serviceable in the spring; He likewise informed,
that they had aided the Indians in building
several Houses, after the crop was in a situation
to admit of their attention being withdrawn
from it, and that some of the Indians appeared
industrious and worked steadily, but the corrupting
and debasing influence of Spiritous liquors upon them,
which most pernicious article, they continue to
introduce in large quantities into their Villages
remains to be the principal obstacle to their ge
neral improvement; and if means are not adopted,
to prevent their easy access, to this bane
of civilization & morality, there does not appear
a very encouraging prospect of their progressing
much in improvement, they however appeared generally
thankful, & expressed their obligations, for our assistence
&solicit a continuance of our friendly aid.

John Shaw also made a report of his observations
and enquires respecting a suitable situation for a
permanent establishment, should friends continue
to pursue their efforts, towards the civilization of
the Indians in the neighbourhood of Fort Wayne,
which was refered for further consideration