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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Indians held at Fort Wayne

25 of the 9th month
which were read &refered to further consideration
also the copy of an address on behalf of the Miamis
Puttowattamy & Eal River Tribes of Indians requesting
that measures may be adopted to interdict the
sale of Spiritous Liquors to Indians in the State
of Ohio or Territories of Indiana or Michigan
from which places they say it is introduced
amongst them which being read &the com
mittee taking into view
the magnitude of this evil amongst them
concluded to appoint the following friends to prepare an essay of an address
to the legislature of Ohio on the subject & produce
it for the consideration of the next meeting to wit. Gerard T. Hopkins
P.E Thomas James Gillingham Andw. Ellicott
James Ellicott & John Ellicott

Then adjourned to the 6th Hour in the
evening of the 9th Inst.

At which time the
committee again met present 13 Members

The friends appointed to prepare an Essay of
a Memorial to the legislature of Ohio

on the subject
of restricting the sale of spiritous liquors to the
Indians produced the the following which was read &
approved to wit

To the Legislature of the State of Ohio
The memorial of the committee on Indian con
cerns appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends
held in Baltimore for the western shore of Maryland
the adjacent parts of Pennsylvania &Virginia & the
state of Ohio. Respectfully Represents

That a concern having several years