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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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in their power to possess themselves of that
destructive article. The young men in the
employ of friends at that place were
engaged in preparing for a crop of corn &c.
and appeared to be acting prudently, the
Indians as well as whites in the neighbout
hood expressed satisfaction with their conduct
since their residence amongst them

The committee whilst at Dennis Station
convened the Indians of that place & read the
address to them which was intended to have been taken
out by John Shaw, but which did not reach
redStone in time to come into his hands before
he left that place, they also made such
other observations to them as they thought ne
cessary. The white Loon a principal chief
of the peace acknowledged the propriety of
what was said but declined giving a full answer
until after the general council which would
soon be held at Fort Wayne, where a particu
lar reply would be made- after which the
committee returned to Fort Wayne & on the 25th of
the 5th month
which was the day previously
fixed on to hold a council they met a depu
tation of the Miamie & Puttowattomy nations
of Indians when the following communications
took place between them

The address of the committee of the Yearly
meeting of Baltimore dated 19th of the third month 1808