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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Thee will please to forward Mahlons

account as
soon as possible after thy arrival, and as we have
paid a draft drawn by Wm Wells respecting which
we are without any advice from Mahlon, thee
will please to give un information on that subject

If thee can find use for the two Horses at
the Station thee may take them and the farming
utensils belonging to the committee under thy
charge, until further advised or until some
other person arrives to take them, but if that
is not convenient, please to deliver them to
Wm Wells

The committee would be glad to hear
what distribution was made of the last years
crop- How many Hogs there are belonging to
Friends, and the general state of things at the
settlement when Mahlon

withdraws from it

We are Thy frds
Evan Thomas Elisha Tyson Geo. Ellicott Gerard T. Hopkins P.E. Thomas

The committee appointed to prepare and forward
an address to William Kirk

, informed that they
had complied with the service and forwarded the