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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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succeeding, as we shall if you are not likely to obtain
one on the other side of the mountains exert our
selves here, it would however be very desirable
that you could succeed there on account of the
saving of expence in traveling out

It will no doubt occur to you that a person
a little advanced in life would be prefered by the
committee if such a one could be found and
as an encouragment to those who may fell drawn
to engage in this service, we may inform that Wm

proposes to make our station his principal resi

Should there not appear any prospect of a
suitable person offering in the neighbourhood of
Red Stone

, we suggest the propriety of you forwarding
this letter to the Miami settlement, perhas Jona
than Wright
or some other friend might be
induced to engage for a few months- You probably
are informed that we have two Horses and the
necessary farming utensils at the station

We are affectionately your frds
To Jonas Cattell David Grave Henry Mills Jonas Cadwalader Horten Howard Jona Wright Evan Thomas Elisha Tyson Geo. Ellicott G.T. Hopkins P.E. Thomas

They also informed that they had