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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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learned men amongst them, the parents of the
children may choose what their children shall learn
either for Council of for Religion or to Trade

This is all we understood was offered to us as
explained by out interpreter Robert Armstrong

. My
answer then was, that I would not give you an answer
until I went to see the Brown’s Town chiefs, which
should be done in the course of that summer, the
chiefs when we met thought it too difficult to go
they desired me to write on to you, and what
ever I did they would agree to

Brethren Quakers give attention!
I send a few words
to you now; the plan you have thought of is
a very good one, and all the chiefs thank you for
having compassion on us, for we are poor & needy,
but there is one difficulty in the way, your res-
pecting two Nations, more than the rest, we say,
the difficulty with the chiefs is your respecting, two
nations more than the rest—other nations might
look upon us with envy, and as they are not men of
knowledge, they might fall on us and cut us off
this is the only difficulty in the way we wish
our brethren Quakers to consider this matter, &
the danger we shall be in, and if they are deter-
mined to help us to send us word in the spring early
and also to see how many nations they will help