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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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The implements of husbandry that you
sent to this place have been all distributed by the
person you sent them to expect 2 ploughs which he
now offers to any of us who will make use of
them. We hope some of our people will be disposed
to use them

You have been particular in
pointing out to us what we ought to do for
our own good—we are convinced that if we
adopt the mode of living you propose to us
it will be for our own good—still brothers
we find it impossible to make this change
immediately and although a number of our
young men now laugh at the Idea. Still
brothers, this does not discourage us and we hope it will
not discourage you from continuing your friendship towards
us—we know the time is not far from us that will
compel us to adopt the mode of living you propose

Brothers & Friends
Our friend you left amongst us
to instruct us in the use of the tools you gave us, is
now at the place we assigned him. Though it was
late when Philip Dennis

commenced his work, still we
are convinced it will be for the service of your
brothers and although we are unable to say what sort of
a crop he will raise, yet let it be good or bad it will