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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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we are fully of the mind brothers that if you will
turn your attention to the cultivation of the Earth to
raising the different kinds of grain, to building comfort-
table dwelling houses for your families, to raising useful
animals, amongst others sheep for the advantage of the
wool in making cloathing, to raising flax and hemp
for your linen, and your Young women learn to
spin and weave, that your lives will be much easier
and happyer than at present, that you will be much
less exposed to diseases, and that your numbers will
increase and not diminuish. As we before observed
brothers your Land is good, it is far better than the
land the white people cultivate near the great water
we are persuaded that your land will produce dou-
ble the quantity of any kind of grain, of flax of hemp
with the same labour that is necessary near the
great water

We shall now finish what we
have to say with informing you that all the corn
and other productions of the Earth, which our brother
Philip Dennis

may raise we wish our red brethren to
accept of as a token of our friendship and it is our
desire that the chiefs of the Pottowattomie and Miami
Nations who are now present added to our brothers
the Five Medals, Tuthinepee and Philip Dennis, make
such distribution of the same as they may think proper

After which the Little Turtle

made a reply
which was taken down in short hand as delivered and