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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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the things which are best for you, and that you
will desire to pursue them—we are sure brothers, that it
is in the heart of your father the President of the Un-
ited States, to assist his red children in the cultivati-
on of the Earth, and to render them services which
will be greatly for their benefit and welfare. We hope
that your exertions to change your present mode of
living will be so plain to him that he will see them
which will encourage him to continue to aid you in
your endeavours

We have spoken plainly—we
desire to speak plain we will now tell you that we
have not come merely to talk, with you, we have come
prepared to render you a little service assistance—our
beloved brother Philip Dennis

, who is now present has come
along with us, to cultivate for you a field of Corn, also
to shew you how to raise some of the other productions of
the Earth. He knows how to use the Plow, the Hoe, the Axe
and other implements of the husbandry

We will here ask you are you still desirous
to be assisted by us in the cultivation of the Earth? if
you say you are, our bother who we have just mentioned
will continue with you during the summer. We shall
leave it with you to shew him the spot where to begin
to work. Brothers he has left a farm—he has left a wife
and five small children who are very dear to him. He has
come from a sincere desire to be useful to our red brethren
brothers his motives are pure he will ask no reward from
you his greatest reward will be in the satisfaction he will