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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Men whether they were white or black—Therefore we
love you the more sincerely, because of the goodness
of your hearts, what has been talked of amongst our
nations long since,

Brethren, My brethren the wyandots are
happy to be informed, that some of you express
a wish to pay us a visit, When you do come forward
for that purpose we will then show you, a
of Wampum which was given to us by your
forfathers, with a piece of written parchmen affixed
thereto when you see the belt of wampum and have
read the writing on the parchment you no doubt will
then perfectly know us and will concider us brethren
united by a chain of friendship which never be broken
whilst Memory lasts.

Brethren listen—As I have mentioned before
so let us procede. We are much pleased to hear
that you still hold in remembrance our nephews
the Delaware nation, The promisses and obligations
made between your grandfathers and ours included
our two Nations (Wyandots and Delawares) in the
Chain of friendship and brotherly love, concidering us
as one and the same people, which chain we pray,
that the great Spirit will never permit to be