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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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it is probable Jonathan Shefflin

will remain
here until the end of next month, it is desirable
the same may be forwarded as early as convenient
we are aware that Indians very generally take as
promises what may be suggested to them for
their consideration as probable to take place if
they unite with it, we have of late been very
guarded in our communications with them as
the more we become acquainted with the Indian
Character the greater necissity we perceive for

Signed on behalf and by direction of the
Committee Appointed by our Yearly Meeting for
the Civilization of the Indian Nations
Tho. Wistar Clk.
Phila. 2 Mo 27 1799 Speech delivered by the Crane principal
Chief of the Wyandot Nation of Indians on
behalf of the whole of said Nation at Detroit
8 day of Sept. 1798 Addressed to the people called Quakers

Brethren Quakers
You remember that we once
met at a certain place; when we had met at that certa-
in place a great many good things were said, and
much friendship was professed between us, Brethren—
you told us at that time when we met together: That
you not only took us by the hand, but that you
held us fast by the arm, That you then formed a