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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Baltimore

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of the Miami

and Pottowattomi nations of Indians,
passed through Baltimore, on their way to visit
the President of the United States; at which
time the committee took the opportunity of
holding a conference with them; in which the
concern of Friends was fully opened; when
they informed them, of the great discouragement
Friends had met with, in carrying their views
into effect, from the intemperate and destructive
use of spirituous liquors amongst the Indians:
which was found to be the greatest obstacle in
the way of their profiting by the aid which
Friends had been desirous of giving them.

This opened the way for free communica-
tion, on the subject of the introduction of ardent
spirits into their country; in which its baneful
and pernicious effects were strongly pointed out.
The Little Turtle

, in reply, made a very pathe-
ticand impressive speech upon this subject, from
which the following in extracted.

Brothers and Friends,
When our forefathers first met on this
island, your Red Brethren were very numerous.
But since the introduction amongst us, of what
you call spirituous liquors, and what we think
may justly be called Poison, our numbers are
greatly diminished. It has destroyed a great
part of your Red Brethren.