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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Baltimore

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My Brothers and Friends,
We plainly perceive, that you see the very
evil which destroys your Red Brethren. It is
not an evil of our own making. We have not
placed it amongst ourselves. It is an evil placed
amongst us by the white people. We look to
them to remove it out of our country. We tell
them, Brethren, fetch us useful things; bring
goods that will clothe us, our women, and our
children; and not this evil liquor, that destroys
our reason, that destroys our health, that de-
stroys our lives. But all we can say on this
subject, is of no service, nor gives relief to your
Red Brethren.

My Brothers and Friends,
I rejoice to find, that you agree in opinion
with us, and express an anxiety to be, if pos-
sible, of service to us, in removing this great
evil out of our country: an evil which has had
so much room in it, and has destroyed so many
of our lives, that it causes our young men to
say, We had better be at war with the white
people. This liquor, which they introduce into
our country, is more to be feared than the gun
and the tomahawk. There are more of us dead
since the treaty of Greenville

, than we lost by
the six years of war before. It is all owing to the
introduction of this liquor amongst us.