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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Baltimore

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the Indians, at that time supplied with it, in al-

most every village, by Canadian traders residing
amongst them: and they were confirmed in the
opinion, that unless these traders could be res-
trained from furnishing them with this destruc-
tive article, in exchange for their skins and furs,
they would not easily be persuade to turn their
minds towards agriculture and the useful arts.

Notwithstanding which discouragement, the
great affection they have for our Society, mani-
fested on all occasions whilst the committee

amongst them, induced a hope, that Friends
would endeavour to keep under the weight of
the concern; and be prepared to proceed in the
benevolent work, whenever way might open for
further service amongst them.

There was not any communication between
the committee

and the Indians during the year
1800. In the spring of 1801, they addressed a
letter to them, which was forwarded to San-
; but the person to whose care it was
directed, and who was requested to communi-
cate it to their council in the Sixth Month, not
being at home, it was returned to the committee.

In the Sixth Month, 1802, the Little Turtle

Five Medals, and several other principal chiefs,