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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Baltimore

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it would be difficult to procure food for them-
selves and horses there, until that time, the com-

concluded it was best, under their present
circumstances, to propose to Tarhie, a con-
terence with him and the other chiefs, who
were then at, and in the neighborhood of, San-
: which was accordingly agreed to; and
at the time appointed, they met him and several
other chiefs, together with a number of their
hunters, at his own house; when they had a
full opportunity with them on the subject of
their visit.

Their communication appeared to be received
with great satisfaction by the Indians; who
in their answer, delivered on some strings of
Wampum, expressed the gratitude they felt, for
the care and friendship which their beloved
brethren, the Quakers, had always manifested
for the Indians; and promised, as soon as the
grand Council met, that they would communi-
cate fully to it, the concern which our Society
felt for their improvement, and inform us by a
written speech of their conclusion thereon.

Whilst these friends were at Sandusky

other villages, their minds were often deeply
affected, under the sorrowful consideration of
the baneful effects of spirituous liquor upon