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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Baltimore

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of them; that our roads and paths may never
more be stained with the blood of our young
warriors; and that our helpless women and chil-
dren may live in peace and happiness.

After a consideration of the foregoing com-
munication, from the Wyandot

Nation of Indians,
the committee concluded to appoint a few
friends to make them a visit, agreeably to their
request. These were directed to cultivate a
friendly correspondence with them, and afford
them such assistance as they might be enabled
to render. They accordingly proceeded in the
visit; with an intention of being at the General
Council; and after passing through several of
their towns, arrived on the Third of the Sixth
Month at Upper Sandusky, the principal vil-
lage of the Wyandots, where they were received
in a friendly manner, by Tarhie (the Crane),
and others of that nation.

Upon conferring with these Indians, it was
found, that a mistake had been made in the
translation of the speech, which they had sent
to friends, respecting the time of opening their
great Council, to which Friends had been invited:
who were now informed, that it began annually
at the full moon, in the Sixth Month. Finding