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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Missionary’s address to the Chiefs of the Six Nations of Indians and their response.

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An Indian Speech

In the summer of 1805, a number of the principal Chiefs
and warriors of the six Nations of Indians principally

assembled at Buffaloe Creek in the state of
New York, at the particular request of a Gentleman
Missionary from the state of Massachusett,

The Missionary

being furnished with an Interpre
ter and accompanyed by the Agent of the U States for
Indian affairs, met the Indians in council, when
the following talk took place

First by the Agent
Brothers of the six Nations

, I rejoice to meet you at
this time, and thank the Great spirit that he hath
preserved you in health, and given me another oppo
rtunity of takeing you by the hand

Brothers, The person who now sits by me is a friend
who has come a great distance to hold a talk with
you, he will inform you what his business is, and
and it is my request that you should listen
with attention to his words

My friends I am thankful for the opportunity
afforded us in meeting together at this time, I had
a great desire to see you and enquire into your state
and welfare, for this purpose I have traveled a
great distance being sent by your old friends
the Boston Missionary society

; you will recollect
they formerly sent Missionaries amongst you, to
instruct you in Religion and I aboud for your
good, Altho they have not heard from you for
a long time yet they have not forgotten there
Brothers of the six Nations, and are still
anxious to do you good

I have not come to get your lands or
Money but to enlighten your minds, and to
instruct you how to worship the Great Spirit, agreeable