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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Missionary’s address to the Chiefs of the Six Nations of Indians and their response.

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agreeable to his mind, and will, and to preach to you
the Gosple of his son Jesus Christ, there is but one Religion
and one way to serve God, and if you do not embrace the
right way you cannot be happy hereafter; you have
never worshiped the Great Spirit in a maner acceptable
to him but have all your lives been in great errors and
darkness, to indeavour to remove these errors, and open
your eyes, so that you might see clearly is my business
with you

I wish to talk with you as one friend talks
with another, and if you have any objections to recieve
the Religion which I preach I wish you to take them
and I will, and I will endeavour to satisfy your minds
and remove the the objections

I want you to speak your minds freely; for
I wish to reason with you on the subject, and if possible
to remove all doubts if there be any on your minds
the subject is an important one, and it is of consequ
ence that you give it an early attention, while the offer
is made you; you find the Boston Missionary society

will continue to send you good and faithful Ministers
to instruct and strength you in Religion, if on your
part you are willing to receive them

Since I have been in the part of the country
I have visited some of your small Villages, and talked
with your people, they appear willing to receive instruc
tion, but as they look up to you as your Older Brother
in council, the want first to know your opinion on
the subject; you have now heard what I have to propose
at present, I hope you will take it into consideration,
and give me an answer before we part

After about two hours consultation amongst
themselves, the Cheif commonly called Red Jacket

by the white people arose and spoke as follows

Friend and Brother
It was the will of the great
spirit that we should meet together this day,