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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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set out for Ng early and rode
about 20 miles to the falls of Niagara

the greatest Phenomenon and the most
gratifying sight I had ever beheld
the water beginning a very rapid de
scent about three quarters of a mile
above the cataract, there
is an Island of 10 or fifteen acres
just above the precipice which divides
the sheet of water in its fall at one
patch of 150 feet, a continual mist
arises which may be seen for many
miles and it is thought the roar
ing of the Cataract may be heard for
20 or 30 miles on a still morning, a
short distance above there are erec
ted a Grist mill, Saw mill, and Forge
and excellent seats for that purpose
there are 17 saws in one frame
which cuts a log in to boards at
one through, and would I should sup
pose cut 10,000 feet of boards in a day,
several other miles are in contem
plation at the same place after
viewing the falls from the top we
went about half a mile down the
river, and descended about 35 feet
by an Indian Ladder that was crea
ted for the purpose thence down a