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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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run my very rapidly although
it was thought to be a very favor
able time to cross on account of the
wind blowing up the oven which
prevented all high from the
lake, after landing in Canada

travelled about 10 miles up the Beach
thence one mile inland to
a friend from Jersey where we staid all
my were kindly entertained
& went about 2 miles to Asa Schooleys
where we met with Rowland, Isaac
on Rachel Hunt Lydia Sharp
and Jane Crosson who were apart
of the committee appointed to visit
friends in Canada, a meeting was
held at B Schooleys house, where about
40 people attended mostly friend
it appeared to be a satisfactory op
portunity in the afternoon by William
& myself took leave of J Pierce T Stew
and other friends present
and departed intending to neturn
immediately homewards, we lodged
that night Danl Pounds