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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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eighty miles down the River. but being
informed on the way that the Mill was
out of repair, I concluded to go to a mill
about twenty miles further on the
waters of French Creek

, after getting the
grinding done set out homeward
of the being very rainy and disagree-
able traveling: the most of the way the Indians had the fortune
to kill a very large Bear. As he
was crossing the River, which afforded
us plenty of good meat on the journey.

The 6th of 5 mo

We arrived at Cornplanters

having travelled about 200 miles in the whole
rout and lodged five or six nights in the woods
on the banks of the River

7th Mo 18th

Received two Letters from friends
in Philadelphia one directed to the Seneca

ans of Allegany, the other to the Munceys
at Cattenaugus respecting the late difficulty
that subsisted between them on account of
supposed witchcraft also two from the Go-
verner of Pennsylvania directed to the
above mentioned Indians on the same