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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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About this time we received a Letter from
our friends in Philadelphia

desiring one
of us to go to John Wilkins farm at
Hickory Town about 50 miles down this
River for a yoke of Oxen which journey
fell upon myself, and I employed an
Indian lad and embarked in a Canoe
with several others Indians bound for
Franklin, and arrived at Hickory Town in
about one Day and having had a
prospect before I left home of geting a
Milch Cow at this place and not find-
ing any here for sale, I concluded to ex-
tend my enquiries farther and according-
ly went on foot as far as Hickory Town
but found none for sale. I then returned again
to Hickory Town got a yoke of Oxen and
proceeded homewards, the first days travel
found the road very rough and Mountain-
ous and in some places no path to be seen
at all. The second day about dark got within
3 or 4 miles of Cornplanters Town where we
were oblidged to lodge in the woods without any
provisions or go home in the dark which