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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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reply to what we had said, and returned
again in about half and hour and made
the following reply

Brothers We now hear all what you wish
to do among us, you are come here to see
us brothers, you wish us well, you wish us
to become as the White People, the White are rich
and have every thing, the Indians are poor and
have nothing,

Brothers you told us one thing, it would be good for
us to build a Mill, we will consult Cap-
tain Chapen

, if he thinks we will get our
Money, and we are able to raise the money
you propose then we will do it

Brothers We know how far you have come to
see us, it is a great ways to the Sea shore where
our fore Fathers once lived, the White People
have cheated us and got our Land from us, and
now we have but little left, and we will try
to learn your way-

Brothers you know there is some bad People
among us, and you know we have been cheated
and that makes us bad, and our minds uneasy,
if we had not been cheated we should have
been very rich People, and had plenty of every