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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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arrival and preservation on the way

After we had unsadled our horses & sat down
in the House Cornplanter

asked us if we could
eat in his way (being pretty hungry) one of
our company answered he thought we could
the old Man then ordered some Victuals to be
brought which I suppose was the best the House
could afford, but not being accustomed to their
sort of diet and cooking, we made a small por
tion serve at that time, after we had done eat
ing we informed him something of our business
and that we desired to have his
People collected together in Council, to which
he replyed he was willing and left it to ourselves
to propose a time, accordingly the next Day
was agreed on at ten o clock, and runners dis
patched to notify the Indians under Corn
superintendance, in the evening
the Old Man brought his Wife and Children
into the apartment where we were and in
troduced them to us in a becoming manner,
after conversing a short time his Wife got
up in a friendly manner and shook hands
with us & quitty departed into the other
end of the House where the family