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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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Town is laid out on a piece of Land belonging
to the State of Pennsylvania at this place
we met with a company of Indians some
of whom were much intoxicated and appeared
miserably dirty and frightfull, having large loops
cut in their Ears and chunks of lead hanging to them
to stretch them down, here we stayed all night
it being the end of our pilots journey and
about 60 Miles from Ft. Franklin


17 of the Month

employed one of the aforsaid
Indians to pilot us to Cornplanter

s Village
about 15 Miles, found the road extremely difficult
on account of old longs and trees lying down,
about 2 o clock in the afternoon we arrived
at Genusshadega where we were surrounded
by a company of Indians who in a friendly man
ner came and shook hands and appeared to
give us a hearty welcome, amongst whom
was Cornplanter the principal Chief, who
in a friendly manner conducted us to his House
where we informed him that we were Quakers
and had come a great distance to see the In
dians, he made answer and said he had heard
of our coming and that he was glad and
thankful to the Great Spirit for our safe