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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Series of letters written on a Journey to the Oneida, Onondago, and Cayuga Tribes of the Five Nations

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crossroads to Canadarquai

and Genesee A mile below
as a Lake of half a mile in diameter, which has no visible
inlet, yet the water is always fresh, and well stocked wi
large and small Fish. It is very deep and has been sounded
in some places with 40 fathoms of line without finding bottom.
Lodged at the Painted Post, a small town two miles below the
spot from which it takes its name, the grave of an Indian
Sachem, marked by a high post, crudely painted with figur
denoting the numbers by him taken captive or killed in battl
Riding almost all day through mountainous and barren land
we were agreeably relieve by the prospect of an extensive and
well cultivated flat, though still surrounded with mountains resem
bling green walls of stupendous height. Next moring crossed and recrrossed
the Tioga, and several of its branches, till about noon, when we
crossed the Pennsylvania Line, rejoicing at the thoughts of home
Lodged at the last house on that side of the Wilderness sur
rounding the Alleghany Mountains, 43 miles across, with
but one house near the middle, and that inhabited by a Man
whose general character is fierce and brutal, suspected of having
killed a Pedlar who lodged here some months ago on his way
through, and has never been heard of since. This Wretch we