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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Series of letters written on a Journey to the Oneida, Onondago, and Cayuga Tribes of the Five Nations

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where he afterward resided as a Chief of the Mohawk

is a few miles to the north. When he died shortly
after the late French war. During the Revolution, his
Son Sir John went off with the Tribe, to the British
in Canada; from whence they made incursions into the
Country, particularly in 1780, when they came down
to the number of 600, killed some of the inhabitants, and burnt all the houses for
many miles round: but it was remarked that they
did not injure the Women and Children within
the ancient Mohawk boundaries, though many were
murdered without the line. For many miles
further we were frequently reminded of that, here
peculiarly, distressing period by small block houses
or strong log buildings, sometimes square, sometimes octa
gonal, of two or three stories projecting one over the other
for the purpose of annoying Assailants before, and pierced
through with portholes of various sizes, and a look
out at top. Continue at the bottom of the 2d. page.
In the morning Hendrick Aupaumut, one of the Chiefs
of the Stockbridges, and two others came to meet us on