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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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five Bushels of Wheat, 10 bushels of Indian corn and
10 Bushels of Potatoes; and if they will the go to farm-
ing for themselves & their Chiefs will let them have
separate Lots of ground to fence off for that purpose
then our friends will lend each of them a plough with
Irons all complete, for one year & by that time they
may be able to get some for themselves & then these
must be return’d, so that other young beginners may
have them.

We shall give a copy of these pro-
positions in writing signed with our names, to
your chiefs, & another copy will be left with our
friends here, & if any of your young Men agree
to begin to work with our friends as we propose
they may set their names to these writings, so that
both sides may understand every thing plain & clear
& have it all in writing to keep our memories bright.

6mo 25 1798 Joshua Sharpless
John Peirce
Wm Gregory
Jacob Taylor
Jonathan Thomas