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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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satisfaction with what had been said & their desires to
improve by it, the women particularly observing
that they now felt their minds encouraged as it were
to begin anew in the good work of Religion. We
returned to Capt Hendricks to lodge.

1st day 24th

After breakfast returned to our friends
at Oneida sat with them in their meeting in the
afternoon we were visited by Schonodore, who informed
they were a going to get back tomorrow morning
to cover the Smiths Shop & that they would meet us
in council in the afternoon.

This day wrote to our friends at Allegany
informing of our present situation, & of the present
welfare of our friends here, which we forwarded to Buffa-
by an Indian from Grand River.

2 day 25th

The forepart of this day was employ’d in pre-
paring some propositions & arranging our business
for the council in the afternoon.

About 4 OClock most of the Chiefs & a few of
their people came together, & being seated, they ob-
served they were now got together & were ready to hear
what we had to say to them, at the same time appo-
logizing for the smallness of their Council by