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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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7th day 19th

Past of this day, some of our Company were
employ’d in baking of bread, & other domestic prepara-
tions; as we are now wholy our own cooks & c. living on
the provisions which we brought on our horses from
Pittsburgh & Franklin, & which we have sometimes
looked upon with some serious thoughtfulness, as ap-
pearing a scanty allowance for the time set for the
arrival of our boat; and the more especially, as we
were early inform’d of the great scarcity of corn a-
mongst the Indians, occasion’d, as they say by an
overflow of the River last spring, & an early frost
in the fall; but our anxiety on this account, is now
much removed, by Cornplanter’s desiring us, when
we got out of bread, to let him know, & he would let
us have more, & giving us to understand that he had
several barrels of flour, which he brought from

The Indians, being most of this day steadily
in private council concerning our business, sever-
al times sent their deputies to ask particular
questions relative thereto; one of which was. How
could they learn to plough, & do what we proposed,