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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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good buildings. We did not stop in
the town, desiring to go where we
could get grass for our horses, &
understanding there were plenty of
taverns on towards Albany, we pro-
ceeded forward; but we found the
country was too poor to produce good
grass, for it was a perfect sand bed
except some swamps, nearly all the
way to Albany, a very large town on
the North river, & thinly timber’d
with pitch pine, & as thinly inhabited,
being but 10 or 12 houses for 15 miles,
& each of them a tavern. When
evening came we, were hard put to
for good quarters. Within 1 ½ miles
of Albany, we found at the widow
Scott’s, pretty good pasture, but the
house & things in it look’d very
discouraging; however we fared better