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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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which feels very pleasant. My mind
for the most part has been easy about
my family & concerns at home ever since
I left them, but now our business ap-
pearing to be gone thro’ the draft
home feels strong; & it has been some
exercise to our minds to fix on the
best route to take. Down the Mohock
, by Albany, & thro’ the Jerseys is
the best road, the oldest settled
country & likely to have the best accom-
odations; but down the waters of the
Susquehanna, is near 100 miles nigher.


Upon further consideration we fell most
easy to return home down the Mohock
; And about one Oclock we look
an affectionate farewell of our friends
having before taken leave of the Indi-
ans, & set off; we pass’d thro’ a thick
woods much of it hemlock, for 7 or 8