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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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The richness of the soil between
Buffaloe & the Genoese river is no way
lessen’d in my view by riding thro’
it at this time; but the first settlers
will meet with a great trial in the
summer time, from the insects I have
mention’d; but when the country
becomes settled, the low places clear’d
& dry, that affliction I believe will
cease, for I saw very little Stagnated
water. Much of this country is
scarce of springs, or streams of water
& what there is, very much fails in
dry seasons, so that its value will
be greatly lessen’d thereby.


About noon John Pierce arrived at
my quarters, he having since I left
him had a full interview with
captain Chapin, who is the super-
intendant of the indians for the